Les guerres de religion en France : approches transnationales (York 6-7 juillet)

  • Start date:
    06/07/2018, 00:00
  • End date:
    07/07/2018, 00:00
  • Place:
    King's Manor, University of York, Exhibition Square, York York, Britain (YO1 7EP)
François Dubois, Le massacre de la Saint-Barthélemy (1572) Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne. (source : Wikipedia)

François Dubois, Le massacre de la Saint-Barthélemy (1572)
Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne. (source : Wikipedia)

Les guerres de religion françaises sont majoritairement étudiées dans leurs perspectives nationale et locale. Ce colloque souhaite donner toute sa place aux approches transnationales qui offrent de nouvelles perspectives à la compréhension de ces guerres.

Vendredi 6 juillet

9.00 Réception des participants

9.15–9.45 Opening Remarks and Introduction by Eric Durot (University of York):

The First War of Religion was Transnational, 1559–63

9.45–11.05 1st Session: Changing the Viewing Angles

  • Violet Soen (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven):

Transregional Dynamics: Rethinking the French Wars of Religion from a Borderlands Perspective

  • Bertrand Haan (Sorbonne Université):

The Spanish Way to consider the French Wars of Religion


11.40–13.00 2nd Session: The Circulation of Writings and News

  • Mack Holt (George Mason University):

The Role of International Printing Presses in the French Wars of Religion

  • Rosanne Baars (Universiteit van Amsterdam):

Reactions in the Netherlands to the News about St-Bartholomew’s Day Massacre


14.10–15.30 3rd Session: Suspects and Spies in a Transnational Context of Fear

  • Penny Roberts (University of Warwick):

Betrayal across Borders: The Treatment of Foreign Spies and Traitors

  • Sara Beam (University of Victoria):

Fear in the French Borderlands: The Case of Geneva, 1562–70

Coffee Break

16.00–17.20 4th Session: The French Experience Exported

  • Megan Armstrong (McMaster University):

The Religious Wars, Bourbon Imperialism and the Custody of the Holy Land, 1604–1700

  • Stuart Carroll (University of York):

Gallomania: The Export of French Style


Samedi 7 juillet

9.15–11.15  5th Session: New Diplomatic Perspectives

  • Estelle Paranque (New College of the Humanities, London):

Overcoming Political and Religious Differences: Elizabeth I of England and Charles IX of France’s Relations after St-Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

  • Jonas van Tol (Universiteit Leiden):

Beyond Diplomacy: Taking a Transnational Approach to Franco-German Relations during the French Wars of Religion

  • Lana Martysheva (Sorbonne Université)

The Pope, the King and a Third Actor: The City of Rome at the End of the French Wars of Religion

Coffee Break

11.40–12.40 Keynote Lecture by Mark Greengrass (University of Sheffield):

Peacemaking in the Shadows of the Past: The ‘Pax Hispanica’ (1598-1621) in the Context of the Wars of Religion

12.40 Conclusion

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