Appel à publication pour le numéro spécial de “The Renaissance and Reformation in Poland” [“Odrodzenie i Reformacja w Polsce”]

  • End date:
    31/05/2017, 00:00

The journal Odrodzenie i Reformacja w Polsce [The Renaissance and Reformation in Poland] is preparing in 2017 a volume dedicated to the relationship between the Renaissance and the Reformation. The Editorial Board invites interested scholars to offer submissions on the subject, in Polish, English, German or Italian as well as reviews of the overall literature and/or reviews of publications relating to the topic.

While we are not strictly limiting the scope of submissions, we are particularly interested in the following topics:

1) The Renaissance as preparation for the Reformation, e.g.: humanist critics of the scholastic and late medieval Church; biblical commentaries and translations in 15th/16th centuries; Humanism and the culture of print; Polish followers of Erasmus and their associations with the Reformation.

2) Ties between the Renaissance and Reformation, e.g.: the humanist and renaissance foundations of the reformers; Fathers of the Church in the writings of protestant authors; elements of classic political theories in theological arguments; the cult of Erasmus in the tradition of reformed churches; the ties of Poles with Philip Melanchthon.

3) Divergences between the Renaissance and Reformation, e.g.: the rivalry between vernacular and renaissance Latin; the dispute between Luther and Erasmus over free will; anti-Lutheran publications in Poland; the formation processes of confessional cultures; the genesis of Polish Calvinism.

4) The 19th and 20th centuries views on the relationship between the Renaissance and Reformation in historiography and the culture sciences.

The deadline for submitting articles and reviews is May 31, 2017. Submissions should be sent to

Texts should not exceed 30 standard pages [1800 characters with spaces = one page], and must respect the submission guidelines published on the web site of the journal at: